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The Leader's Way

2018 Program starts February 7th. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Leadership Development

Modern organisations face a range of complex issues and changing circumstances. Mature and highly skilled leaders are fundamental to your organisation’s success. Supporting and developing your leaders is essential. The Leader’s Way is a leadership development program for mid-level leaders. The program is based on our experience working with leaders for over 15 years. We provide space, inspiration and support for participants to develop and refine their leadership practice. We enable participants to have their own realisations, make their own changes, and find their own way.

The Leader's Way focusses on 3 critical areas of development...


Core Elements
Great leaders embody a range of attributes and skills. The Leader’s Way presents three key elements which we believe are essential to effective
leadership. The exploration of each element provides opportunity for reflection (where am I now), goal setting (where do I need to be) and practical action (what is my next step).

 Program Design

The Leader’s way is a facilitated program that exemplifies best practice adult learning and development principles. Our facilitators work within a framework, including quality content and engaging activities, and at the same time work with what emerges from within the group. Each session will include interactive presentations, stimulating discussions, and collaborative learning. Participants will have space and time for reflection and be challenged to take responsibility for their own progress.


Program Launch: Wednesday, February 7th with a 2-hour introduction session from 2:30pm.

Subsequent dates:

  •        Wednesday, February 21st: Leadership Character.
  •        Wednesday, March 21st: Leadership Connection.
  •        Thursday, April 19th: Leadership Competence.
  •        Wednesday, May 9th: A half-day conclusion followed by lunch to close the program.

Two executive coaching sessions are included in the program to complement the sessions and extend participant’s practice.

All sessions hosted at the el camino learning studio 102 Grange Rd Glenhuntly 3163


$2250 + GST per person.

Register your interest by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call Pete on 0419 348 992.