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Find your way to Wellness

Wellness is holistic and multi dimensional. It can be defined as a attitude, a path, a way of living and a state of being. Wellness encompasses all aspects of life, and shifts our focus onto how we can flourish. It means taking responsibility for our self and living consciously, so that our choices and actions enhance our wellbeing and sense of fulfilment. Wellness is about living mindfully, and caring for ourselves, others, and our world. 

From an organisational perspective, more and more research is showing that wellness is essential in the workplace. When people are struggling with challenges such as illness, fatigue, stress and anxiety, they cannot function at full capacity. Supporting the wellbeing of staff at all levels results in positive workplace cultures and maximises the potential for innovation and efficiency. 

el camino offers a range of services to promote wellness. This includes presentations, workshops, practical training and coaching. Renee is a qualified yoga teacher and can can offer training in meditation and mindfulness. We can also support organisations to develop in house wellness committees and programs. Our approach is always to work collaboratively in reviewing each client's situation and needs, and designing programs and learning experiences to suit.

Connect with us through social media:

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ElCaminoWellness   /   Instagram: elcaminofindyourway   /   Twitter: elcamino.findyourway 

el camino wellness studio
A modern and fresh space in Glenhuntly, Victoria, our wellness studio is used for a range of wellness promoting activities. We also use this venue for our leadership development and planning sessions. 

Yoga and Meditation Classes
Classes are held regularly in our wellness studio. Please contact us for details.